The SPIDER project was presented at the Si-DRIVE workshop on June 10th, 2020 by Iratxe de Meatza (Cidetec).

Figure 1: SPIDER presentation at the SI-DRIVE workshop

The first workshop organised by the European research project Si-DRIVE was held online on June 10th, 2020. It aimed at gathering speakers from H2020 research projects around the issue of sustainability in batteries. Iratxe de Meatza (Cidetec) represented the SPIDER project at the workshop. She made a presentation of the project, with highlights on the development of the separate components of the SPIDER battery (cathode, anode) as well as on second-life applications and on the recycling process.

Si-DRIVE is a H2020 project working on the development of “the next generation of Li-ion batteries”, “to tackle the major barriers to electric vehicle uptake”. Common partners between the SPIDER and the Si-DRIVE projects are Centro Ricerche Fiat and Cidetec. Learn more about the Si-Drive project at

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Figure 2: Program of the Si-DRIVE workshop on June 10th, 2020