Swiss Battery Days 2021 in honor of Prof. Dr. Petr Novák was organized by Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) as a three-day online conference on 15-17 February 2021. 

The scientific program of the conference was dedicated to academic and industrial aspects of battery R&D, with particular focus on Li-based systems. The conference details and program can be found via this link. An after-event note was released by PSI, mentioning the success of gathering about 600 young and experienced scientist attending from all over the world. On topics particularly relevant to SPIDER activities, several interesting talks and posters were dealing with silicon-based anode developments, prelithiation assessment studies and high energy cathode (Li and/or Ni-rich NMC) development and processing, as well as operando characterization.

At this online event and through “poster chat rooms” for viewing and interactions in the poster sessions, Iratxe de Meatza from CIDETEC Energy Storage presented work carried out in SPIDER as part of the cathode electrode processing and manufacturing activities. The poster presented findings on the storage aging effect on both NMC811 active material powder with slurry processing of this aged powder, as well as aged electrodes: “Influence of the ambient storage of NMC811 powder and electrodes on the electrochemical performance in Li-ion technology” Iratxe de Meatza, Imanol Landa-Medrano, Susana Sananes-Israel, Silvia Lijó-Pando, Aitor Eguia-Barrio, Iker Boyano, Idoia Urdampilleta.

Interesting Q&A and exchanges were happening in this online poster room, having several “screen-to-screen” live conversations and more frequently through the written chat room function, with a total of around 20 interactions with conference attendees.

CIDETEC presented the following poster at the conference: